Sunday, December 31, 2006

happy new year

yeah, the obligatory happy new year post.... yawn. not even worth capitalization...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


"I'm so far ahead of my time, I'm about 2 start another life. Look behind you I'm about to pass you twice" -Sean Corey Carter

That is how i feel about a lot of you. 1st there was an article on about wack rappers and hot beats. I read it and enjoyed it. I thought it was insightful and i agreed with much of it, but then later on there was a post on about "Reasonable Doubt" being the album of the year in 06. GREAT IDEA, just 1 problem... I did that one already way back in October. Its ok though. It wasn't a rip of my rant anyway, but damn, am I a prophet or what. You all wish you could be cool like me.

"Back to the future, i gotta slow up for the present. I'm fast..."-Sean Corey Carter

Who could say it better.

Friday, December 15, 2006

this it terrible

technorati is soooooo lame


Barak Hussein Obama will never be president of the US. a big reason is because he is black, granted. But an even bigger reason that he won't be president is... You guessed it. THAT SILLY ASS NAME. Barak Obama is bad enough, but HUSSEIN is over the top. No white person w/ more than 12 brain cells firing will ever vote for a black man named "Hussein".

Moral of the story... Pay attention to what you name your children. You can fuck up a totally good child w/ a name not fit for a resume.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


So 06 was a wack year 4 commercial rap music, and 05... not as bad as this year, but not a banner year either. Most of the commercial rap albums that have been released have been basura, Straight trash. At best, plainly mediocre.

Jigga released an average album... Nothing bad, but not what someone annointed the "best ever" should be releasing. Lil Wayne dropped a very hot "carter II" but still it had way too much filler. Lupe, the most promising new artist in a long time, dropped possibly the best debut album in a LONG LONG time. But still, there were so many albums that were just "EEHHHH"...

Games album was wack. He cant rap. He raps like he learned about it from a textbook and never actually HEARD it. He tries to fit to many words in a bar, and just sounds clumsy. T.I. he is cool, but i was expecting more from the album, especially considering the epic "What you know about that" as a lead single. The video made the song seem like a coronation of a king, but the album was more of the same from T.I., some how singles, and alot of stuff that has a skip count higher than its play count in my itunes.

But still, we had the mixtapes. Lupe (the gorilla) bodied alot of recycled and totally fresh beats. He was the man, and singlehandedly rekindled my interest in rap music.

Lil Wayne, has had sooooo much material on the "internets" in the recent past that its silly. he has become nice as hell. maybe the best rapper in the south, and can naow, maybe, be named in arguments w/o a snicker in "best rapper" arguments.

Killer Mike... more hotness.

Kanye, he has had a load of success w/ his albums, but he also has LOADS of GREAT unreleased material. I mean this guys throwaways are better than damn near anything else most rappers come out with!

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