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Hi! How are you?

I saw it on TV! CNN said it really works!

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CNN says this is one of the best

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Have you already seen it?



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WTF is this????

It is ANOTHER attempt to return to form. I used to talk my shit on the regulak on blogger, but then I fell into other things... (twitter) and yet I still miss this thing here...

"It keeps callin me" (credit : random movie crackhead)

Life is funny. I need to make sure I document the hilarity.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Was The Point of This


So a shooting went down in planet Brooklyn, and Common the rapper gets hair cuts there. i will refrain from mentioning how stupid this is... You can all add your own smart comments

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Return Of The King

I am going to make another go of this...
Videos soon to come!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008


kayosonthego: My life is officially worthless
HolleyMonelle: [AWAY] Acquitted on all counts. Smh, wow.
HolleyMonelle: "So I would write it if yall could get it, but bein' intricate will get you wood critics..."
HolleyMonelle: Lesson of the Day: In reviewing every relationship, friendship, success, failure or encounter, you'll find that you always get exactly what you attract. Everything you want is brought on by you - therefore, nothing is unattainable.
HolleyMonelle: Dare to Dream.
HolleyMonelle: Why?
------------------------------- 10:04 am -------------------------------
kayosonthego: Cuz u can shoot me 50 times and not even be convicted of so much as littering 4 all the spent shells on the ground.
kayosonthego: A kid I knew gets shot in my general area, and nobody is guilty of anything...
kayosonthego: Its ok.
kayosonthego: Lets shoot all the black males...
kayosonthego: Apparently its legal
kayosonthego: Its nigger hunting season
kayosonthego: And a badge apparently is a hunting license
HolleyMonelle: Welcome aboard.
kayosonthego: Well I woulda shot 2... but I would have fully expected some kinna retribution...
kayosonthego: What I remember of him he wasn't a nigger nigger... the othe 2 tho.... shtraight hood trash
HolleyMonelle: That still doesn't make it justifiable
kayosonthego: Why I said I woulda expected retribution
HolleyMonelle: Either way, the shit is ridiculous
HolleyMonelle: And two of the cops were black
kayosonthego: indeed
HolleyMonelle: I thought they'd at least get some time
kayosonthego: Hell I would have expected the guy who dumped 2 FULL CLIPS 2 go
kayosonthego: He reloaded....
HolleyMonelle: Smh
HolleyMonelle: No time
HolleyMonelle: Nothing
HolleyMonelle: That shit is crazy
HolleyMonelle: After one clip, you'd at least check the scene
HolleyMonelle: And realize that NO ONE shot at you
HolleyMonelle: At all
HolleyMonelle: I mean got damn
kayosonthego: I could see 1 or 2 shots... then lookin 2 see what's going on....
HolleyMonelle: Wtf
HolleyMonelle: A little peek or somethin
kayosonthego: But 2 stop, reload, and go in again... and not notice nobodys shooting back
HolleyMonelle: But a full clip, no peek, then a reload?
------------------------------- 10:15 am -------------------------------
kayosonthego: That nygga needs 2 be under the jail
kayosonthego: Nas needs 2 change his single from "be a nigger too" to something like "niggers have no value"
kayosonthego: Shock the world w/ the truth they ignore....
kayosonthego: Apparently we as black people have no value in this world....
kayosonthego: And nas wants 2 make a statement... highlight how apparently we aren't worth a littering ticket
kayosonthego: NOTHING
kayosonthego: I don't even wanna leave the house.
kayosonthego: I might get shot... and have an imaginary friend who runs around the block w/ all the guns and never is seen again
kayosonthego: How everybody get all kinds of shot up, except 1 kid, who runs away.... and if he ran, y r u shooting everybody sitting in the car?
kayosonthego: The alleged dude w/ the alleged gun allegedly ran away...
HolleyMonelle: Smh
------------------------------- 10:22 am -------------------------------
kayosonthego: but its definantly some kinna outside forces @ work...
kayosonthego: People in the hood shoot eachother and go 2 jail.... u know how many hood criminals there r.... w/o justice....
kayosonthego: And nypd shoots a black man... they know who did it... and still no jail...
kayosonthego: Apparently it really is legal
kayosonthego: Like shoot a white guy... ur goin down
HolleyMonelle: Beneath the jail
kayosonthego: Mafia dudes go 2 jail 4 shit they did 20 years ago... vinny the tooth will tell on that ass now a days...
kayosonthego: For some old shit
kayosonthego: (Snitchin ass bitches... mafia dudes apparently aint as real as they used 2 be)
kayosonthego: But shoot a black man, hang around, smoke a fukkin cig... get a pat on the back, 1 less apparently.
kayosonthego: I'm tight
kayosonthego: I'm done.
kayosonthego: Sorry h
HolleyMonelle: Nah its cool
HolleyMonelle: I already went off this morning
HolleyMonelle: My sister called me at work w/ the verdict
HolleyMonelle: I'm like, acquitted?
HolleyMonelle: WTF
HolleyMonelle: That shit is just dum
HolleyMonelle: Over 50 fuckin witnesses?
HolleyMonelle: Like - wtf
kayosonthego: And a bench trial...
kayosonthego: No jury
kayosonthego: The judge is a fukkin idiot
kayosonthego: Or he "just bought a new car"
------------------------------- 10:36 am -------------------------------
HolleyMonelle: "Just bought TWO new cars"
HolleyMonelle: Why the fuck was it a trial w/ no jury anyway
HolleyMonelle: B/c they know the ppl would make the RIGHT decision
kayosonthego: Everybody has a bench trial option....
kayosonthego: Its easire 2 write 1 check than 12
kayosonthego: Easier
HolleyMonelle: That shit is bullshit Glen
HolleyMonelle: Smh
HolleyMonelle: Shouldn't have been a damn option
HolleyMonelle: Easier to pay off one dumb ass judge
kayosonthego: It is tho... ehhh...
HolleyMonelle: Ridiculous
kayosonthego: Word
------------------------------- 10:44 am -------------------------------
HolleyMonelle: You know the hood is pissed when 45 min after Summer Jam tickets go on sale, there's still hella floor seats left
------------------------------- 10:49 am -------------------------------
kayosonthego: There r no artists worth seeing besides 'ye
HolleyMonelle: I'm just sayin
HolleyMonelle: Last year, that shit was super wack
HolleyMonelle: Sold out
------------------------------- 10:53 am -------------------------------
kayosonthego: Lol!
HolleyMonelle: That shit was trash
HolleyMonelle: Ah man
HolleyMonelle: Glad I didn't go
HolleyMonelle: The year b4 was dope tho
HolleyMonelle: MJBbbb
kayosonthego: <<- liked MJB stacey adams music....
kayosonthego: Can't stand the new ish really.
HolleyMonelle: Ughhhh
HolleyMonelle: Her new shit is disgustingly ugh
HolleyMonelle: But, "Share My World" Mary was at the 06 Summer Jam
HolleyMonelle: I was thoroughly impressed.
kayosonthego: I love stacey adams music
kayosonthego: By stacey adams I mean....
kayosonthego: U can hear KC"s foot in that ass music
HolleyMonelle: Lololol
HolleyMonelle: Yessssss
kayosonthego: I hope jeezy shoots keyshia cole or some shit... she ever gets happy...
kayosonthego: Its over 4 her
HolleyMonelle: LMAO
kayosonthego: Mary was on some show saying if her fans really loved her, they would be happy 4 her... and accept her new music...
HolleyMonelle: That means she knows her shit is wack
kayosonthego: Oh I'm sorry, so we have 2 bullshit w/ no feeling cuz ur happy now...
kayosonthego: I'm sorry I'm stick w/ mariah 4 happy music. She has a better voice 4 that shit.
kayosonthego: Mary has the best "I smoke 2 packs a day, and this nygga keeps swinging on me" voice ever
------------------------------- 11:03 am -------------------------------
kayosonthego: No mary, quanita liked ur shit cuz she was goin thru the same dumb shit u were. Ur audience is still the same (which I don't know what it says about black people not being able 2 move on and gropw up but that's another rant...)
kayosonthego: Hell I like it still cuz a: it was humerous and b: u actually cared...
kayosonthego: She sounds disinterested now...

Friday, February 22, 2008


Would you let the wife of a brain surgeon operate on you?
Thought not. Most logical people would say no. That isn't even anything that will begin to qualify you 4 that task...
The fukkin White House cook has White House experience 2? Wanna vote 4 her/him?
Monica Lewinski has Oval Office experience too... Lets put her on the ticket!

People. If you sit down and think about it, Hillary isn't much more experienced that Obama is... and thats not saying too much.

Maybe its time we start to think outside of the box, and not do what we were force fed by our parents. if you do your own independent research, you might be surprised @ what you find.